Research scope and techniques

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Research scope

Any business entity must deal with various issues from internal and external business environments including the following five dimensions. The main task of CORE is to gather sufficient information and further transform it into the wisdom of decision-making in order to maximize the success and minimize the risk in each dimension. Currently, perhaps you are dealing with the following issues of each dimension…
  • Macro environment (STEEP)

    • When enters a new market, do you fully understand the Socio-culture, technology, economic, environment and political?
    • For the current market we stay, do you realize the dynamics of macro environment and the possible impact?
  • Customer

    • Do your products / services / prices impress and satisfy your customers / consumers, the most important revenue source?
    • How to understand customer's perception and opinion, and further predict their choices and actions?
    • How to explore new business opportunities and markets?
  • Channel

    • Is this a promising store location?
    • Do direct branches or franchisers do their best on sales and promotional activities in light of the instructions / in a proper way?
    • Do the shelf layout of our products meet the requirements? What extent is each distributor satisfied with you?
  • Competitor

    • What is marketing mix of your competitors on the market?
    • Is there any marketing activities or campaign? What next step would the competitors likely take?
  • Employee

    • Does our sales force have sufficient knowledge and skills?
    • Would their performances towards consumers create the maximum accomplishment for the company?
    • What extent of satisfaction does the staff have toward the company / job? Are there any great opinions and ideas from the staff being buried?

Research Module

Research Techniques / Methodologies

  • I. Quantitative Study

    • ① Face-to-face interview
      • Door-to-door interview
      • Product placement test
      • Central location / street intercept
      • Computer-aided personal/web interview (CAPI/CAWI)
    • ②、 Telephone interview
      • Computer-aided telephone interview (CATI)
      • Pen & paper telephone interview
    • ③ On-line survey
    • ④ Mail survey
    • ⑤ Flow counting
    • ⑥ Shelf / inventory counting
  • II. Qualitative Study

    • ① Desk research
    • ② Focus group discussion (FGD)
    • ③ On-line FGD / bulletin
    • ④ In-depth interview
    • ⑤ Accompanied shopping

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